The 2017 Small Business Environment

I followed an email notice of a photo posted at Facebook, and I couldn’t find much happiness in the Facebook Community. Most of the gloom is a result of the Nov. 8 election. I’ve been a professional adviser to the Small Business Sector (SBS) for over 45 years. I have rarely seen such happiness and relief in the SBS, generally based on the fact that our government is going to again support small business rather than being an opponent of small business.

If you are not involved with the SBS of the economy, you probably aren’t aware that the SBS has lost its access to bank loans, due to the Dodd Frank banking restrictions that have tied the hands of the Community Banks, who had such an important relationship with the small business community.

In addition oil well drillers and equipment servicing companies have certainly been working in an environment in which the Federal government is a hostile force against them.

There has been no reliable tax relief and for eight years there have been tax increases and threats of tax increases.

And these are directed at the primary source of new jobs in America since the early 1980s.

In my CPA practice, I am preparing for a return to growth, with government cooperation instead of government obstruction.

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