Completed my 45th tax season in Naples…

Having completed my 45th tax filing season in Naples, I have decided to take some time out to share some of the observations I have resulting from these dynamic years of service to the Naples business community.   "May you live in interesting times." In the forty-fine years that I have been offering accounting and [...]

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House passes American Health Care Reform Act of 2017 (AHCRA) – Part I…

It took some effort, but the House passage of the AHCRA is a major step toward applying common sense to the health care industry and the related health insurance coverage of health care consumers. As designed, the ACA was nonsensical, with passing on the higher costs of people with pre-existing conditions and the elderly to [...]

March 15 Filing Deadline for Partnerships and S Corp Returns

The filing deadline for calendar year partnerships and S corporations is March 15, 2017. These returns must be filed (e-filed or postmarked) by midnight (local time) on March 15, 2017. Fiscal year returns will be due the 15th day of the 3rd month following the year end. Both partnership and S corporation returns are allowed a six [...]

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